Welcome to Slough Amateur Boxing Club (ClubMark accredited).

Established in 1945, our club has a wealth of history and accolades to its name.

We welcome everyone to our club. Juniors and Seniors both male and female of all abilities and fitness levels are welcome to join and develop their skills.

We hold annual shows and frequently attend shows all over the UK and Europe.

We are ClubMark accredited (2011).

Get Involved

Do you want to be lean, toned and strong? Then Slough ABC is the place for you. Boxing is an incredible sport with an all over body impact. We support all fitness levels - everyone has to start somewhere right?

A typical session involves a 15 minutes warm up, some shadow boxing and then we move you onto punch bag workouts in series of boxing rounds, we will also do some skipping and sparring depending on your level and needs. 

Make sure you bring water to your session along with gym kit, trainers and gloves if you have them or else the club can provide you with some gloves. 


You will see weight loss, increased agility and coordination, muscle tone and greater fitness levels.


Payment options now include paying by direct debit as follows:


1 session per week for a month is £25 per month.

2 sessions per week for a month is £40 per month.


1 session per week for a month is £20 per month.

2 sessions per week for a month is £30 per month.

3 sessions per week (over 12 yrs only) is £40 per month.

Pay as you go:

Or you can pay as you go for £8 per session.

The Gym timetable:

Monday & Wednesdays 7pm to 8pm Minis Age 7-10 
Monday & Wednesdays 7pm to 8.30pm Juniors Age 11-15
Tuesday 7pm to 9pm Seniors (16+)
Thursdays 7pm to 9pm Seniors (16+)
Friday Carded/Invite Only Carded/Invite Only
Saturday Closed  
Sunday Closed  



 ** We can also arrange personal fitness sessions and one to one work. **