Ward, 12, competed in a 'skills' bout, an exhibition fight with no winner or loser at the final bell.
The bouts are very beneficial to young boxers, building their confidence and giving them the chance to show off their skills.
Ward boxed excellently using a sharp jab and catching his opponent with hard left hooks throughout the three rounds.
Appleton, 12, fought Kaleb Robertson of Eastgate, who had won both of his previous bouts.
The Slough boxer started the first round well and used excellent timing to catch his opponent with fast jabs.
Appleton sustained the fast pace in the second round and began to get through with some solid right hands.
Robertson absorbed the hits well and came roaring back, clearly determined to maintain his unbeaten record.
Both boxers knew that the fight was close going into the third round, and that it would probably decide the outcome.
The pair fought at an incredible pace, giving everything they had in search of the win.
At the final bell, the judges decision went deservedly to Appleton, who was delighted and exhausted in equal measure.